Decorative Tape: Does it Qualify as a Trend?

April 20, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Last week both DailyCandy and CasaSugar featured information on decorative tape. I know decorative tape isn't new, but it seems to be having a moment right now. Even the New York Times was suggesting colored tapes as an easy and inexpensive decor update. See the article here.

Here are the ones that were getting the attention last week:

Daily Candy featured the company, TapeSwell, and in addition to straight up tape—which you can use to spice up the packages you're mailing—they also sell a variety of "envelope wraparounds" that are sold in a roll like the tape. I think the wraparounds are my favorite thing on the site.


And they come in great patterns:


CasaSugar featured these brilliantly colored Japanese paper tapes from HappyTape, that look very similar to masking tape. I can only imagine the ways you could use them.




What would you do with these decorative tapes? Any brilliant projects come to mind?

(first two images from TapeSwell, last three images from HappyTape)