Keeping the “Team” Organized

Anyone who has ever been in, or tried to coordinate with, a large wedding party knows the woes the can ensue.  In addition to the million emails with women you may or may not know, there are those awkward moments of saying yay or nay to attire and hairstyles.  Well, these may all become problems of the past with

This easy to use website enables you to create a mini-social network with wedding party and family members.  EWedLogoEveryone gets their own mini-profile, so not even the long lost bridesmaid from kindergarten class will feel like a total stranger when she meets the other girls.  The site not only gives brides and grooms a simple way to keep everyone posted on wedding decisions and important events, but it makes group consensus and scheduling a breeze.  eWeddingTeam enables bridesmaids and groomsmen to message one another privately to coordinate showers, bachelor parties and has the ability to conduct polling, both anonymous and non.  The polling feature could put an end to those tough conversations about what people can really afford to spend on a bachelor party or what the girls REALLY think of that bridesmaids dress.   Picture 12