Do You Eat in the Car?

Car_160For many families, including mine, road trips have replaced plane travel in these belt-tightening times. One upside is that my food choices are no longer limited to the soggy sandwiches sold in airport kiosks. Instead, I can pack whatever I like, including plenty of bottles of water. (Ahhh, freedom from the security gate.) Better still, I can stop to eat when hunger strikes.

As a general rule, I attempt to steer clear of fast food chains (with the exception of Starbucks, at the behest of my espresso-loving husband) and try to go local. I figure it’s the best way to get a taste of a region. Before we leave, I check out sites like and for restaurant recommendations, though some of our tastiest discoveries have been of the “pull over, that place looks good” variety.

Last week, on a trip down to Virginia, my husband, daughter and I stopped at Smith’s Family Restaurant in Greenwood, Delaware. We happily devoured baked crab balls (really just round crab cakes), sweet potatoes with coconut fluff, corn fritters, and bread pudding—dishes that would never normally find their way onto our table at home. I think the novelty made the meal all the more delicious.

I’m not the driver in the family so in the car I like food that keeps me busy. Last week, that meant sunflower seeds in the shell. (I’m a bit of a salt addict.) I supplemented these with the occasional chocolate mini Easter eggs. Not the most nutritious snack, but extremely satisfying. And I was on vacation, after all.

Do you have a road trip planned for the future? What do you like to pack for the ride?