What Are You Doing with Your Refund?

RainingMoney Today is D-Day for those of you who haven’t filed your tax return yet. (Or,
shall I say, T-Day?) Some reports put this year’s average tax refund at about
$2,700—higher than last year, and not an un-sizable chunk of change.

But the real difference is what people are doing with it.

According to one study, 54% of refundees will use the money to pay off credit
cards or pay for housing or other bills, compared to 35% last year. And 17% will
put the extra cash toward basic necessities, such as food and clothing, up from
7% last year.

The message? In this economy, nobody’s splashing out with their $2,700 boost.
(Which seems like a smart thing, given where splashing out has gotten us.)

I’m self-employed, and I owe taxes this year, so I don’t have these decisions
to make. But if you’re receiving a refund, what will you do with yours this
year? (And is that different than last year?)