What’s Your Favorite Cookbook?

I have cookbook clutter. I love buying new cookbooks and seeing all the beautiful food photography, but my bookshelves need a break. So I started the purge process, donating cookbooks that I just don’t use very often. There are some that will make the cut for the aesthetic factor (antique cookbooks and my cupcake collection), but I am trying to pare it down to those that I really reach for (i.e. the ones that are the most battered and stained).

Here are my top 5 basic books:

  • How to Cook EverythingVegetarian (I’m not a vegetarian, but do try to eat less meat)

  • The Best Make-Ahead Recipe by Cook’s Illustrated (time-consuming recipes but you’ll have leftovers for a week!)

  • The Silver Spoon (Italy’s own joy of cooking that has great basic recipes)

  • Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking (yes, I love Italian food and this pesto recipe is amazing)

    Do you have a favorite cookbook?