Planning a birthday party online

April 2, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

This month my daughter turns four, and to mark the occasion we’ve decided the throw a “Fancy Nancy” themed birthday party. (For those of you who read my blog, you will know that this is the perfect theme for my daughter considering her penchant for dressing up for EVERY occasion, including bedtime).

I love planning parties for the kids. That doesn’t mean that I rent ponies or spend a ton of money on special entertainment or extravagant gifts. Instead, I try to create fun themes where I can spend a little extra effort to make the day memorable. Last year we had a Pirate Party for my son and a Dora party for my daughter (for which I made a “map” and Dora/Diego backpacks).

The trouble is, these days I barely have time to get to the store to buy new shampoo for myself (I was using baby shampoo for two weeks!), never mind to plan, and purchase items for, her birthday party. I do, however, still have time to find and buy what I need online (the party is at the end of April). And lucky for me, there are ton of great resources for planning the perfect Fancy Nancy party. . .

First stop in the party planning process? Peppers and Pollywogs, a site that is full of birthday party theme ideas, tips and games. Party planning pro Lisa Kothari created the web site to help parents “throw the best
party for their children without the added stress that planning a party often creates.” As anticipated, she had a page of ideas for my Fancy Nancy themed party, including links to “fancy foods and drinks” and a cute tiara shaped cookie cutter.

Next stop, Oriental Trading Company. On my list are dress up items (feather boas; bead necklaces; rings); crafts (unfinished wooden boxes and self-adhesive jewels for decorating the boxes) and bubbles.

Following Lisa’s advice, I head over to Celebrate Express to pick up Fancy Nancy paper products. I’ll buy the tiaras, plates and cups, then buy other pink and purple items at our local dollar store (to save a little money). I also stop at the HarperCollins’ web site to download the free activity kits they have – stickers (printed on label stock); coloring pages; and paper dolls will help keep the kids busy.

Finally, I stop at TuxedoTShirts to buy two tux t-shirts for my husband and son. It may seem silly, but there is nothing better than the smile I know will appear when Sophie sees her brother, dad and mom are all “dressed fancy” for her party.

Almost an hour gone, and I have Sophie’s entire party planned. I can’t completely avoid a trip to the store, but with the help of these sites, I have far fewer places to stop.

Now the real question is – what am I going to wear to the party?

Our next birthday party is in July – what sites should I stop at when planning that party? I think the theme is going to be Ben 10: Alien Force.