Dining Meets Mod Art at A+R

Who says modern art has to be all look and no feel? These clever & contemporary finds from A+R are fabulous examples of form + function… and surefire ways to bring some modern art flair to your kitchen and tabletop! Check it out…


Pictured above:
Plus Salt/Pepper Grinder by Muuto and Norway Says – This fun product looks more like a pop art sculpture than a something meant to season your food! At $90, it's priced that way too… but the look it's sure to garner from your dinner party guests just might be worth it! Great gift idea for the entertaining gurus that already seem to have everything!

•  Small Crushed Bowl by Muuto and Julien De Smedt – An architect by trade, Julien de Smedt applied the concept of big-scale building design to these unique porcelain bowls, which are described as "crushed for every day use.” How's that for an objective?! ($75)

Double-walled Oil/Vinegar Carafe byIchendorf – I love the "suspended liquid" look of these hand-blown glass, double-walled oil & vinegar pourers. ($22.50 – $26.50 each)


Picture above:
Pantone Mugs by Whitbread + Wilkinson… a designer's dream! Sip that morning java from your favorite hue. Set features 10 popular Pantone hues. Great gift idea too – both as an entire set gifted individually.  Fill each mug with a matching shade of candy to up the creative factor on the individual gifts! ($128/set of 10)


Pictured above:

Carafe Un Verre by Claudio Colucci – This clever two-in-one marvel is mouth blown from a single piece of glass and a gorgeous way to serve your favorite bottle of vino.  I'm not exactly sure what's going on with the blue liquid in the product shot… other than the fact that it looks pretty cool! ($115)

Gold Knuckles Mug by Pad – This witty design certainly packs a punch! Safe to drink from, but intended to be an object d’art and limited to 100. Available in red, white, or black. (A+R exclusive; $128)

Circle Carafe by Vast Design – This modern minimalist piece holds a liter of water or wine has always been one of my favorite products at A+R. Available in black or white. ($90)

Meilito Honey Pot by Bosa – This not your average honey pot! The ceramic dipper tips are dipped in bright colors or available in pure white. ($40 each)