Environmentally Friendly Bands

From soy candles to recyclable centerpieces, making eco-friendly choices for your wedding has become not only more popular, but easier.  But what about those items that last beyond the day itself?  What about your wedding bands?  This may conjure up visions of hand carved wooden rings that fall short of the glam factor, but that needn’t be the case.  

GreenKarat uses recycled precious metals to cast their jewelry and can even use your old gold to create your rings. Here is their “Gatsby” set. RCG009 Similarly, you can seek out estate jewelry sets from retailers like Doyle & Doyle.  It’s a great way to capture vintage style and re-use something gorgeous.
Of course, some couples may want their eco-choices to look, well, a little more eco.  Simply Wood Rings creates gorgeous, glamorous WOODEN rings using recycled lumber.  
  Boginlaysite_thumbMost of them are simple inlaid wood designs, but others, like this recycled silver with rosewood ring, have a lovely, modern look to them. Just remember, wooden rings require special care and need to avoid water.
 Silver_Rosewood_thumb Are you making any eco-friendly choices with your wedding?