What’s Next, Barbie Broccoli?

March 30, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

I was flipping the channels on the TV this weekend and glimpsed a commercial that actually caused me to stop and watch. The first thing I saw: an egg being fried in a pan, in the shape of Mickey Mouse. A few seconds later, the voice-over crowed about how "great-tasting, nutritious and fun" the new Disney Eggs are.

Ummm, since when did Disney get in the business of animal husbandry? And do kids really need an egg simply stamped with Mickey or Minnie to be convinced to eat a scrambled egg? (To be fair: if your kid is a die-hard hard-boiled egg eater I guess I can see how shells stamped with their favorite characters might be enticing…)

But still! I think this commercial has been airing for a month or two so I might be late to the game, but whoah—I was pretty disturbed. What’s next? Broccoli by Barbie? SpongeBob Square Pants sweet potatoes?

Would you buy this sort of product? Am I turning into a curmudgeon or is this actually sort of upsetting?

Photo from Flickr