Twitter: Create A Pretty Page

March 30, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Do you use Twitter? I use it daily (here’s my page if you want to connect) so that I’m alway on top of what my friends and colleagues are up to, like Real Simple for instance. In addition to that, did you know that Twitter actually helped saved my career? Well kinda sorta. I’ll explain… currently I work from my home office full-time and as a social person who once worked in a large office space for nearly 10 years, I  found working from home fun at first but slowly the isolation of it all started to get the best of me. The feelings of loneliness increased to a point that my work felt like more of a burden than a joy and my breaking point was this past January when I felt like I should go apply for a part-time job SOMEWHERE just to have some interaction. This also happened to be the time when I started using Twitter. I signed up not knowing what to expect and within a few weeks I felt my creativity and energy levels were back "on" again — and now a few months later I don’t know what I’d do without Twitter! I certainly didn’t need to take a part-time job because now I have an "office environment" all over again — I’m not alone! I downloaded Twitterfox (a Firefox extension) so I’m able to view "tweets" as they arrive so I’m in touch and in the know — just what I needed and missed so badly. Viola! Problem solved.




So what does this have to do with creating a pretty page? I know you like good design, or you wouldn’t be reading decorating blogs, so here’s a way to pretty up your twitter page once you’ve signed up. You, of course, will want to upload your photo or business logo but then you may want to add a background image. I created my own using a photo of my inspiration board but after finding Twitter Patterns I may be changing my Twitter wallpaper again soon. Twitter Patterns was built and designed by an Etsy shop owner, Nathalie from Olivemanna, and aside from being a really nice gesture (she gives these papers away for free), Twitter Papers are lovely to look at and use to dress up your page.

Do you have a twitter background? If so, did you create it yourself or did you use a special website? Comment below with alternate suggestions for creating a great Twitter background if you’d like. Do you use Twitter? How has it helped you? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? What’s your Twitter user name?

(image from twitter patterns)