Easy Medicine Cabinet DIY

March 23, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Are you ashamed to open your medicine cabinet? Is it boring and/or disorganized? Do you fear your guests will peek inside (you know they will)? Never fear, Jennifer from the blog Pinky Brown is here! Jennifer was so excited to share an affordable and easy makeover she gave the inside of her medicine cabinet. What a fun way to cheer yourself up in the morning!

Before: Plain Jane


After: Hello Lovely!



Here’s how to get this look:

1.  Purchase scrapbook paper (or use found images and collage them, wallpaper, etc.)

2.  Measure the space inside the cabinet

3.  Cut the paper to fit

4.  Laminate the paper using a roll of clear laminate available at a local crafts store (the humidity may make the papers curl)

5.  Adhere the pages to the interior by using removable double sided tape

For the door, Jennifer felt it needed something extra and inspirational since she opens the door each morning so she added the words "Hello Lovely!" using more laminated paper and yarn that she applied with a glue gun to the paper. So cute, huh?

This is a really sweet project, thanks for sharing it with us Jennifer!

(images from jennifer at pinky brown)