Pocket Posh Puzzles

March 20, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

I find myself always waiting for something whenever I’m running errands, whether it’s the guy in front of me washing his monster truck or the 10 sneezing, runny-nose patients waiting to see the same doctor – mine. I try to use this time to not get bent out of shape so I’ll pull out a little chick lit (book) or engage in some mindless text messaging, though neither really relax me. That’s why when I came across Pocket Posh puzzle books the other day, published by Andrews McMeel,I decided that whenever I’m out and about I’ll refer to a puzzle book and solve a few puzzle logic games while I wait. Those of you who are into design and little details may like these for your handbag, I know I do.




Recent studies suggest that giving our gray matter a regular workout can help maintain brain function, so a puzzle or two is a good thing and since these books are small and stylish, I can tuck one in my handbag before running out for errands. Logic and Word Search are my favorites and priced at $7.99 each, you can also pick up Sudoku and Crosswords, too.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you on Monday!

(Images: first two – Photographed by Holly Becker, bottom – Andrews McMeel website)