To Sweetheart or Not to Sweetheart?

With the growing number of brides and grooms who have divorced parents or blended families, the trend of a "sweetheart" table has grown. Some couples feel they are too overtly "romantic", or that perhaps they make the couple seem anti-social.  Other people love them, because it eliminates the question of who gets to sit with the bride and groom. 

Personally, I think that using a sweetheart table can solve some awkward social wedding situations.   Realistically, for most of the evening you and your fiance end up not being in your seats at all while you are busy socializing with your guests.  At a sweetheart table, no one notices that you are gone.  Additionally, it offers you a private, birds eye view of your wedding reception and loved ones, even if only for the brief moment that you are in your seats. 

What’s your take on the sweetheart table?