Getting Over Fear to Get Rid of Clutter

March 17, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

I recently picked up an old journal of mine and flipped through its pages. At the top of a March 2006 entry I had scribbled the following quote in all capital letters:

"WHAT WOULD I DO IF I WERE NOT AFRAID?" — Martha E. Mangelsdorf

I’ll never forget that moment and how enormously impacted I was when I saw those words. I immediately grabbed my journal, picked up a pen, and began to list everything that I would do if I had no fears about their outcomes or processes. After half an hour of writing, I looked over my list and was amazed at all of the things I had never done because of my fears.

That day literally changed my life.

Three years have past and there are only two things still left on the list I have not done. Two things out of 77. Until that day, I had no idea that my fears were keeping me from living the life I desired.

I have found that fear motivates many people to hang onto their clutter. If they get rid of gifts they don’t like, they’re worried about what the gift giver will think of them. If they get rid of a piece of sentimental clutter, they’re afraid that they will also lose the memory associated with the item. If they get rid of a knick knack now, they’ll miss out on a financial opportunity in the future if the item goes up in value. If they don’t have a problem with clutter, what other problem will take its place instead?

Fear can be a good thing — such as if you are being attacked and need to decide whether to fight or flee. But as it relates to clutter, fear is always a barrier to a better life.

What would YOU do if you were not afraid? Are you keeping any clutter in your life because of a fear of letting it go? If so, let go of the fear and get rid of the clutter.