Gorgeous Blooms By Ink & Peat

March 13, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

I’ve been talking about flowers all week so why not wrap things up today with a post highlighting a gorgeous florist located in Portland, OR called Ink & Peat. Are these flowers not a perfect way to kick off Spring which is only a week away (March 20th)?


For daily inspiration from Ink & Peat you can tune into their decorating blog, House Martin, that I check out whenever I’m in the mood for beautiful blooms to drool over.

Do you have a favorite local florist? If so, give them a shout out with a link to their website below in the comments section because everyone loves a little free press! My favorite local florist — well it’s not that local because it’s an hour away — is Cymbidium Floral in Exeter, New Hampshire. I could hang out in there all day long in Jessica Christoferson’s gorgeous shop. I also love Winston’s in Boston.

(images from ink & peat)