Do You Like Lots of Choices — or Few?

Sometimes it’s hard to have perspective on yourself.

My mother came to visit us in New York City when there were a lot of sales. I said something like, “I feel like I should go take advantage of the sales, and go shopping, but I don’t really feel like it.” (I don’t like to shop.)


My mother made an observation about me that was so obviously true that I was astonished that I’d never noticed it about myself. “You do better,” she said, “when you have a few items of clothing that you love, instead of a lot of choices.”

She’s right. I don’t like having a lot of choices when it comes to clothes. That’s one reason I love to clear out my closet once or twice a year. The fewer things I have, the happier I am.

How about you? Do you like lots of choices – of t-shirts, of sweaters? Or do you prefer to rotate among a few favorites?

The days are long, but the years are short.