What Flowers Do You Love At Home?

March 9, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Fresh flower arrangements are a timeless classic in home decor because they never go out of style, they’re relatively easy to find, and they can be quite affordable which is great when you want to spruce things up on a budget. When I walk into a home and spot fresh flowers, either a few in a tiny vase near the bathroom sink or some freshly picked daisies on the kitchen table… I get the sense that the person living there really enjoys home and making it a place of comfort and beauty. Flowers just say that to me about a person, that they went that extra little step and it really means a lot.


Designers constantly look to nature for inspiration, especially flowers with all their intricate seemingly effortless beauty. Many fresh new patterns evolve from the garden – designers translate what they see in the natural world into motifs that can range from quite literal to extremely abstract. Flowers can even teach us how to decorate. Observe their colors, take a walk into a field of them — it’s inspiring to see how well the colors work together, that the Poppies do not clash with the Alluim. I think that this is why some of the most beautiful palettes in home design and fashion are inspired by beautiful blooms.


What are your favorite flowers to arrange at home? Do you have any rituals (a new bouquet weekly, a flower of the month, flowers in the office, flower exchanges at work that you participate in, etc.?) What do you love about flowers in the home, how do they make you feel?

(photographs taken by holly becker)