What Constitutes a Sick Day?

March 9, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Tissuepaper_300_2 I’ve got a stuffy head, a runny nose, a sneeze-a-minute, and a general feeling of blah right now. If I worked at an office, perhaps I’d call in sick but since I work from home, no such luck…although I do intend to take it easy to try to shake off this cold.

But for those of you who work outside the home, when do you stay home sick? Are there certain symptoms that make a sick day non-negotiable for you?

In my mind, there are some categories of sick that are stay-home no-brainers: If you have a fever and those horrible aches/pains/chills that come with it; If you’re throwing up; If you’ve got a super-contagious eye infection like "pink eye"; If you can’t speak a sentence without coughing one of those loud, juicy, croupy coughs that can drive an office-make batty.

The rest feels like gray area, though. I mean, some people can function just fine with a few days of a sort throat and itchy eyes, and others will be quickly felled by a day-long headache and stuffy nose.

Of course, the biggest issue besides your own sick feelings is how sick you can make other people, so many employers do emphasize that workers who are sick should stay home rather than come in and spread their germs over every coffee machine, door knob and copier in the office.

So as I sit here with a box of tissues at my side, I’m curious: What are your sick day "rules"? Do they differ from what you’d use to judge whether to keep a child home?