Is Your Cereal Boring?

“Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.” Or so promised the commercials I watched growing up. The reality was another story: On our Saturday morning trips to the supermarket, my mother was crystal clear about one thing—Trix were not for her kids. Nor were Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Froot Loops or any of the other sweet offerings in the cereal aisle. Instead, our choices were limited to what I called "the boring stuff"—Cheerios, Life, and Kix. How she decided this I’m not sure. I don’t remember her ever actually picking up a box to look at a nutrition label. I think my mother got all the information she needed from the design of the box. The more colorful cartoon characters on display, the more suspicious she was.

Now that I’m a mother, the tables have turned and I’m the one dragging my child away from the less-virtuous options. At least, I was until I heard about General Mills’ much-written-about promotion at Target. For one month, the company is selling five of its classic cereals in vintage packaging. (You can order cute $5 tee shirts, too.) With that sly old rabbit beckoning me again, I fear I’ll be the one campaigning for a box of Trix. Whether my daughter will acquiesce depends on if she finds the old school box appealing—something more than a few marketing experts doubt will happen. Natural born cool-hounds, kids are ever in search of the new (which may account for why the General Mills promotion lasts only until March 21st). No matter, I’ll just have to whine a little louder.

What’s your favorite cereal? Do you choose according to nutrition labels or stick with varieties like corn flakes or rice puffs you know you love?

(Image: General Mills)