What can you do with unwanted vases?

March 5, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Whenever I clean out the storage area under the sink in my kitchen, I always discover a few, cheap, flower vases. It’s like they spontaneously generate from the vibrations of my garbage disposal and the chemicals in my dish-washing detergent.

I’m not talking about the crystal flower vase my great-aunt gave to me as a wedding gift, or the hand-blown masterpiece I bought on an Italian vacation, I mean the inexpensive, thin ones that florist shops use. The ones you didn’t mean to acquire, but did.

Instead of tossing these vases into the trash, here are some ideas for how to get them out from under your sink:

  • Local florist. Not all florist shops will take them, but smaller outfits often do. In this economy, you might start by checking with your local florist shop first.
  • Recycle. If the vase is solid glass and in pretty bad shape, toss it into your recycling bin. Most (but not all) recycling centers accept vase glass.
  • Hospitals. Call your hospital and see if they accept vase donations. Many have flower programs for patients that don’t receive visitors.
  • Nursing homes. Again, call ahead to see if they accept vase donations. Similar to how hospital programs work, the vases are used for residents who don’t commonly have visitors. Fill the vases with flowers to make the donation even more useful.
  • Freecycle. A bride could be looking for vases to use for at wedding reception or a teacher could be doing a project with her class. Freecycle lets you connect with people who might need the vases you no longer want.
  • Worship centers. Many religious centers have flowers for their services that they divide between attendees afterward. See if a local worship center has a need.
  • Storage. Scissors, pens, and kitchen utensils all could be stored easily in a vase. If the vase is taller than the objects, fill the bottom with decorative pebbles.
  • Give them away. Fill them with flowers and give them away to your friends and family. You get extra brownie points if they have no idea you’re just clearing clutter.
  • Repurpose. Check out the article "One Vase, Five Ways" for even more ideas!