Safe and Secure Weddings

A few years ago the concept of wedding insurance started to really gain some popularity in the wedding world.  In the early days of wedding insurance, the coverage options were fairly limited: mainly they covered costs lost should your wedding be canceled due to rain, etc, or if a vendor didn’t deliver on a service.  It was a nice add on if you had the room in your budget for it, or if you were holding your event in the dead of winter.  But these days, wedding insurance seems to go further and cover more than ever before. 

Wed Safe covers event cancellation or postponement due to illness, accident or, as mentioned weather. In these difficult economic times, they will cover you if your venue goes bankrupt or closes down.  They will cover you for expenses if the wedding goes on but with a hitch- like a damaged gown or lost negatives or other wedding nightmares.  Clients have seen reimbursements of up to 25,000 for postponed events.  Of course, it doesn’t cover cold feet!

Have any of you purchased wedding insurance?