Why a Blender Made Me Very Happy.

My happiness-project resolutions include Indulge in a modest splurge and “Eat better,” and I successfully combined these resolutions recently, with one of my favorite healthy recipes, for fruit smoothies. It’s filling, nutritious, and delicious: a cup of skim milk; a cup or so of frozen strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or peaches; several packets of artificial sweetener (I like things very sweet); lots of ice. Dump it all into a blender and blend.

BlenderI make a smoothie almost every day, but my blender was driving me crazy. It leaked, and it needed to be stopped and started constantly to keep blending.

My brother- and sister-in-law had my family over for dinner, and while I was there, I noticed their incredibly powerful blender. After they told me how great it was, I decided to “Indulge in a modest splurge” and buy one myself. It was quite expensive for a blender, but it has been absolutely worth the money. I use that blender every single day, and every single day, I notice what a great job it does. 

Money can’t buy happiness, but used wisely, it can contribute mightily to happiness. The secret is to spend money in ways that promote the areas of life that boost happiness: social ties, physical health, valued causes, learning, novelty and challenge, and the like.

Have you ever indulged in a modest splurge that got you a huge boost in happiness?

The days are long, but the years are short.