The Coats You’ll Want To Wear Next Week (For Under $100)

Ok, so it’s currently 13 degrees in New York and tells me it “feels like” -1. But it also promises a light at the end of this crazy-March-snowstorm tunnel is coming soon.

For the weather between winter and truly warm, you’ll want a light jacket that’s loose enough for layers underneath, and light enough to take off and carry around.

Trade in your puffy winter jacket for one of these affordable coats; you’ll even be able to wear them over tanks and tees come springtime proper.

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Spring-y Brights


Wear this ¾ sleeve nylon jacket ($89 at Banana Republic) with a long-sleeved turtleneck underneath until the snow melts; A bright pink swing coat ($49.99 at JCPenney) would look seasonal and sophisticated over black and white.

Classic Trenches


It doesn’t get much more timeless than a preppy London Fog coat ($99.98 at Macy’s) in kakhi. This navy cotton version ($39.99 at Target) has a hood, in case of spring showers.

Basic Black


If you can’t tear yourself away from black despite the sunshine, opt for a short jacket with a swing-y cut ($39.50 at Old Navy) or a classic raincoat ($98) to keep the chill out.