Great Website:


I think Fontifier probably ranks in my top 20 favorite web sites. But I had forgotten about it in the past couple of years, until I read Jamie’s post about it on Design Milk. I originally found out about the site when I was the editor of my university’s online magazine. You can see part of the story we did about it below. (Sadly, the link is now dead and all I have is a screen shot.)


The site allows you to create your own font from your handwriting, by simply writing all of the characters on a downloadable template. Then you scan in the template you’ve filled out, email it to the folks at fontifier and then download it a couple of days later. And all for only $9. It’s genius! Here are the example fonts they show on their websites:


You can see that not just your handwriting, but the pen you use can make a big difference. I might just have to make a new font this week, and then figure out if there’s a project I can use it for. It would definitely be a good fit for those self-publishing websites like Blurb. (See Nykia’s coverage of Blurb here.)

What do you think? Do you want a font made out of your handwriting? And what kinds of things would you use it for?

(logo and handwriting examples from Fontifier; article image from DrakeMag)