Thread Banger: A Fun and Stylish DIY Website

March 3, 2009 | By | Comments (1)

Move over Martha Stewart…there’s a new type of crafter in town! That’s if the website Thread Banger has anything to do with it!


Thread Banger is a network for people who love to DIY (Do-It-Yourself), recreate, refashion and craft. But these are not your mother’s DIY/craft projects. Rather, you’ll find fun…exciting…and unexpected projects (see below) that will keep you visiting the site day after day. The site encourages you to share your tips, ideas and advice with others. Plus, you’ll find blogs, forums and even webisodes!

For example:

Q: What can you do with a pair of ripped stockings?
A: Make them into a stylish statement necklace! Click HERE to see how

Q: What on earth can you possible to with an old yoga mat?
A: Turn it into a pair of comfy flip flops! Click HERE for video instructions

Q: Sick of those old sweaters?
A: Yes. Well, click HERE to find out how to turn 3 old sweaters into 1 fabulous piece! 

I consider myself very creative, but I am definitely not an "arts-and-crafts" girl. HOWEVER, I now have a list full of projects to try out thanks to Thread Banger. I can’t wait! Plus, you can’t deny the economical benefits from starting or nutruting a DIY hobby!

If you are as amazed as I am at this site, then you’ll be neck deep in projects by the end of the week! Let me know what YOU think of the site….