You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Post Is About You

I love a good Bette Davis. Why? Besides her famous eyes, the legendary actress tends to play such extreme roles. One of my favorites is her portrayal of the vain, self-absorbed, out of touch character, Fanny in the soapy drama “Mr. Skeffington”. Since Fanny was exceptionally beautiful, she thought that was what defined her and the world that she created to revolve around her. She even dropped her husband and shipped her own young daughter off so that there would be no competition or any evidence of her actual age. But with any good melodrama, there has to be some kind of dramatic turn of events. In Fanny’s case diptheria and its subsequent treatment was a cruel wake-up call that stole her beauty and rocked that her personal planet (which was fragile to begin with).

Although this movie is pretty extreme, I bring it up because there is a little bit of Fanny Skeffington living in all of us (whether we want to admit it or not). We may not think the world revolves around us all the time but we can become a bit self-absorbed in our own “stuff”. Sometimes we even obsessed by the minutiae of our meaningless things. And now is not the time to let Fanny have free reign in our lives (I am not sure if there ever is). In these difficult times it behooves us to look beyond ourselves and see how we can be of assistance to others. There are people who are so busy trying to survive that they have no time for self-absorption.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you can’t be appreciative of what you have or find enjoyment in your life. I am giving you a reminder that the world (or your personal hemisphere) is not all about you. Now is the time to give something to someone else. So clean out your closets, make a donation, volunteer, or find some other way to acknowledge that you see and value the lives of other people.

So tell me this: What are you doing to help other? Have you found any new or worthwhile causes or organizations? And if you need help, what is a simple thing someone else could offer you?