Too-Tight Clothes? Make Them Bigger With These Fit Fixers

Since we’re all trying to stretch the lives of things we already own, we thought these fit-fixing products could be particularly useful when re-assessing your spring clothes from seasons past.

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The Problem:
A too-tight waistband, even though your jeans fit everywhere else.
Solution: A waistband stretcher ($30 at Stacks and Stacks)

This plastic device will add one to five inches to the waist of your denim pants. You can use it on those jeans that seem to have a little stretch everywhere but the waistband.

The Problem:
Shoes that are too narrow or too short.
The Solution: Women’s shoe stretcher ($45 at Stacks and Stacks)


You can stretch the front of your shoes to accommodate bunions or wide feet, or the length if your shoe size is large but your feet are narrow.

The Problem: Pinching at the base of your bra.
The Solution: A bra extender ($4 for 3 at


These washable strips hook onto the back of your bra and give you up to an extra two inches – that’s a whole size.

Finally, a quality piece of shapewear can make everything look smoother and drape better. Browse our favorites.