Quick Poll: Do You Prefer Dark or Milk Chocolate?


Last week, the Real Simple food department received a box of samples from Reese’s introducing the company’s latest creation: Peanut butter cups made with dark chocolate. (Yes, working as a food editor has its perks.) As conscientious journalists, we opened the bag of candy immediately. Four of us dug in but Sara demurred. “Thank you, but I prefer milk chocolate,” she said. “At last,” I thought. “Someone is admitting to what I’ve been secretly thinking for the last year.”

In the snobby food world, confessing to a preference for milk chocolate can sometimes feel like treason. “The darker, the better,” goes the reasoning. And the medical profession agrees: The heart-healthy benefits ascribed to chocolate come from the flavonoids in cocoa beans. The darker the chocolate, the higher the percentage of cocoa beans. In truth, I don’t eat chocolate to stay fit so I’m willing to sacrifice on the health front for matters of taste.  And thanks to Sara, I’m finally ready to say it out loud: I prefer milk chocolate. (There, I feel better already.)

P.S. For the record, the Reese’s Cups were mightly tasty. They’ll be in stores in June, when you can test them against the original milk chocolate variety yourself.

Which do you prefer: Dark or milk chocolate? What are your favorite brands?

(Photo: Beatriz da Costa; Hot Cocoa Frosting.)