Fold and Go!

Saturday after Saturday, not matter the budget, the decor or the location, most weddings end the same way- a gaggle of bridesmaids dancing without shoes and their high heels thrown in the middle of the dancefloor.  Well, no more bare feet and no more "one size fits all" flip flops in the bathroom. I give you: Pocketflops! from Flocs Designs  1229252999983865564800

These amazing little flip flops fold in half and come with coordinating little baggies (so no gunk in your purse afterwards).  They are perfect for bride or bridesmaids AND they are environmentally friendly. Each pocketflop is made from 95% recycled tire rubber and the bag is organic fabric.  Whatsmore, they can do custom wedding orders featuring your sihlouette, wedding date and more (all with coordinating bags).   They do bulk orders too. Making it a great give-away for the gals!

What do you think of the Pocketflop?  It may be one of the smartest bridal accessories I’ve seen in a while!