Hip and Healthy Baby Clothes Make Me Swoon!

February 25, 2009 | By | Comments (1)

It’s a funny thing, but I’m oddly drawn to baby clothes! I don’t have any kids, nor am I pregnant–but every time I see miniature clothes and shoes I go bananas. Must be my maternal instincts kicking in as the years tick closer and closer to possible motherhood. I can’t wait!

In any case…I just had to share with you this amazing line of 100% organic and sweatshop-free children’s clothing (t-shirts and onsies) called Rock n Roll Babies.


The company is serious about their social and environmental integrity—and even donate 5% of all proceeds to children’s charities around the world. If that’s not enough! Rock n Roll Babies has a recycling program that urges you to send back the clothes after your child has grown out of them and they will donate the used items to San Francisco shelters in need (if you participate you will receive a coupon for free shipping to send the clothes back and 15% off your next purchase)! Amazing.

So on top of all of that, the clothes are ADORABLE (they make an amazing gift…for only $24)! Take a look:




Happy Shopping!