Benefits of a Roller Coaster Economy

February 24, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

080922economyTurn on the television, open the newspaper, or pull up a news outlet’s website and you will be inundated with dire statements about the economy. The flow of this dismal information is seemingly endless.

I’ll be honest, I’ve grown tired of all the pessimistic dialogue. I want to hear about the beneficial aspects of tighter economic times. I want to focus on the present and the good things happening now, because there are a lot of good things. Plus, I truly believe that simple living is the way to a great life even when the economy is soaring. In this spirit, I’ve compiled a list of positive aspects of a recession economy. By no means is this list complete, so please feel welcome to add to the list of simple living benefits in the comment section.

  1. Perfect time to trim the fat. Everyone is looking for a great deal right now, so sell things you don’t want or need. In more profitable times, people buy new — in tighter times they’re more willing to buy used. Take advantage of this and purge for profit.
  2. Great travel deals to be found. I was recently in New York City and stayed in a 3.5 star hotel in midtown for $100 a night. The same room a year ago was more than $300. Rates on hotel rooms in Las Vegas are also at rock-bottom prices. If you want to travel, now is the time to do it on the cheap.
  3. No longer cool to keep up with the Joneses. Simplicity is in, and conspicuous materialism is out.
  4. Say "no" without the guilt. Feel welcome to use the phrase, "No, finances are tight right now" without feeling guilty.
  5. Lay low. Instead of taking the family out for dinner and a movie, make some homemade pizza, pop some popcorn, and queue up your favorite family flick. Talk over dinner, pause the movie and have some good laughs, and then have dessert afterward. A low-key night is also perfect to share with friends. Less money, better communication.