Finding Fragrances That Won’t Break The Bank

Fragrance tends to be expensive – much more expensive than other cosmetics – and tougher to find in more affordable versions. The trick I’ve discovered:  search for perfumes and eau de toilettes in stores that aren’t known for selling them. Department store prices (and even the prices at Target) tend to start above $40. The ones below all cost $28 – altogether, there are 14 affordable scents to choose from.


1. Gap Eau de Toilettes ($28)
The Gap’s latest fragrance collection comes in six scents, including perfect-for-spring Washed Cotton and Lavender Tea. The minimalist packaging and muted colors are just as zen-inspiring as those simply named scents.


2. Atomizer Fragrances from Urban Outfitters ($28)

The retro atomizer is just as appealing as the three delicious scents: Sangria Rose, Vanilla Brandy and Ginger Lily.


3. TokyoMilk Parfumarie Curiosite Scents from Anthropologie ($28)
These small bottles decorated with interesting images make great little thank-you or hostess gifts. The scents are divided into floral, spicy, fresh and fruit, making it easier to choose the one you think will work best for a particular friend.