DIY Fabric Wallpaper: Would You Try It?

February 23, 2009 | By | Comments (11)

I am a renter, and so that dramatically limits a lot of my options when it comes to personalizing my living space. So, I’m always looking for ways to decorate that won’t permanently "damage" my apartment. I came across a slide show of ideas on CasaSugar that had several renter-friendly alternatives to paint.

There was one that I had never heard of before: hanging fabric as wallpaper with liquid or spray starch. Am I late on the band wagon with this one, or is this news to you as well?


I went to the Linit Starch website, where they have instructions for turning any washable fabric (though they recommend lightweight polished cottons, ginghams, or chintzes) into custom wallpaper. It seems pretty straightforward. Here is a quick summary of the instructions:

-measure and cut fabric panels to fit your wall (matching pattern if necessary)
-spray or paint starch on the top part of the wall
-affix fabric panel to the starched area and continue adding the starch and fabric to the baseboard
-use push pins to temporarily hold fabric in place
-spray or paint another round of starch on top of the fabric and smooth out any bubbles
-repeat for additional panels
-cut overlapping fabric once everything is completely dry

Supposedly you can simply remove the fabric panels when you are tired of them, with only the help of a little water. Just think you could have your walls covered in any of these:

Amy Butler Floating Buds Grey


Marimekko Unikko in pink and red


Cicada Studio Hydrangea Blue


Needless to say, I love this idea, but I’m scared of trying it. What do you think is this something you would do? Should I test it out?

(images from CasaSugar, Amy Butler Design, Marimekko and Cicada Studio)